A Fresh Beginning… and Facebook is worth $15bn and you know it.

So the Real Fresh TV site is pretty much ready now to be unveiled now. Look out for our public launch some time next week. Till then we’ll be polishing the silverware and crafting incise commentary. Look out for more blog posts…

We’ve tweaked and tweaked and even changed web host to bring you a much improved site at realfresh.tv. And we are rightly proud of how good it looks.

Sincere apologies to all who got the dreaded Internal Server Error 500 page on visiting the site over the last few days. Hopefully, that’s all behind us now.

For all those yearning for the big video player that used to live on the home page, have no fear, you’ll still be able to watch our groovy content here. Check out the ‘Watch’ Page…

You’ll shortly be able to leave comments after videos, finally. The Video Upload page will also be up soon. More video changes on the way…

You will also be able to vote in polls and suchlike. Get involved. Tell us what you think.

Over the next few days I will be sharing why we’ve re-launched and where we are up to with our multi-platform content distribution plans.

It’s all very exciting!

In breaking news, Microsoft has out bid Google to buy a stake in Facebook.

Initial reaction at Real Fresh HQ:

Poor Google.

Oh well. In the words of Aristotle:
“One swallow does not make a summer…”

Microsoft set out to prove that it has a strategy for catching up with Google in the online advertising wars and has proven this by spending more than Google was prepared to spend on Facebook.

Hurrah for Facebook!

They get lots of money from Microsoft to execute on their vision.

Google will carry on being Google, regardless. Show over. Give us something else to watch.

On a more serious note, it’s interesting that as social networks finally becomes mainstream, established content owners and content producers are standing by and letting technology companies buy up slices of what could become the dominant form of ‘online socialising’ and digital media consumption in years to come.

You doubt me? Facebook’s photo application is the biggest photo app in the world, according to web stats experts, comScore. Bigger than Flickr.

Their video app isn’t too shabby either.

The virtual reconstruction of the social graph underpinning Facebook allows people to share content with others without evening thinking about it.

It’s the water cooler, transferred onto the web. Except that rather than having to mill around waiting for your boss to be out of earshot, you get a mini-feed of the office gossip (or last night’s TV) sent to you by your network of friends.

And it’s addictive.

So why isn’t everyone excited about social media?

It’s simple, really. Social networks are still considered ‘something for the kids’, a passing fad. This year it’s Facebook, last year it was MySpace…

This is wishful thinking.

Google and Microsoft haven’t slugged it out in an out-and-out bidding war for the latest online playground.

They were fighting to own a part of what could become the dominant way of sharing information with people you know online over the next few years.

And how much did Microsoft pay, you ask?

Only $240 million.

And for what?

Erm, 1.6% of Facebook.

Valuing Facebook at what?

$15 billion.

Food for thought eh?

More ruminations like this in posts to come.

Like I said, this is just the beginning.

A fresh beginning…

What are your views? Do you think Google should have tried harder? Will a 2% stake in Facebook be a game changer for Microsoft’s online advertising strategy?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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