This is Nathan Keller’s review of PUMA Manchester’s gig featuring grime maestros Hadouken!  Nathan won our 5 Day PUMA Manchester Giveaway and was obliged to write a review of the exclusive which you can read here.  You can see some pictures he took on our Flickr page.

Nathan writes:

Hadouken!As it is well known Manchester has been the home of some of the most popular and well recognised bands in England such as Oasis, Joy Division and the Happy Mondays to name  just  a few and thanks to Puma’s hunt for Manchester’s most promising musical talent it was possible to see that this trend is continuing as they invited two of the most promising new bands in Manchester to play Moho Live, opening for no other than Hadouken!.



Better Late Than Never: That PUMA Manchester Gig Review

5 Day PUMA Manchester GiveawayThe eagle-eyed amongst you may recall that a few weeks ago we announced the winner of the 5 Day PUMA Manchester Giveaway, Nathan Keller.

Nathan was kind enough to write a review of PUMA’s exclusive gig in Manchester headlined by chart riding grimesters Hadouken!  He delivered it a day after the gig as requested.  Unfortunately, there was a bit of a delay in hearing back from PUMA about his prize and for that reason his review hasn’t been published until now.

PUMA came through and sent him his USAN trainers so here’s his review.   You can see some pictures he took on our Flickr page.

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b.TWEEN08 – Relegating Conference Q And A Sessions To The Dustbin

A Swarm of Angels

So here’s my rather belated post looking at a couple of interesting breakout sessions at Manchester’s recently concluded  b.TWEEN08 conference.

For the uninitiated, this post is part of a series covering the b.TWEEN08 conference that took place at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry from 18-20 June. Click on the “b.TWEEN08” tag to see all articles in the series.

I’m discussing the conference organizers decision to scrap the traditional ‘roving microphone amongst the audience’ question and answer session after each presentation in favour of distributed ‘break out’ discussions in specially allocated areas within the main conference hall.



b.TWEEN08 Conference Highlights – Day 2 – 20th June – Part 2

b.TWEEN08 Conference Highlights - Day 2 - Part 2As promised, here’s the follow up to my Day 2 highlights of the recently concluded b.TWEEN08 conference in Manchester.  Here’s what happened on Day 1.

There have been a couple of neat write ups of the conference around the web not least Kaiser Kuo of Ogilvy China’s follow up post about his much discussed ‘Censorship, Culture and Chinese Netizens’ talk.

Kaiser’s talk appears to be everyone’s favourite from the conference: it’s even garnered a mention on Matt Locke, Commissioning Editor for Education & New Media at Channel 4‘s blog.



b.TWEEN08 Conference Highlights – Day 2 – 20th June – Part 1

b.TWEEN 08 conference, Manchester, UK, 18-20 JuneWhat a brilliant event! The highly anticipated b.TWEEN08 conference has come and gone and Manchester is richer for it.

Here’s what happened on Day 1. There is also a pretty good write up at the Manchester Evening NewsThe Mancunian Way blog.

Here is the first part of my conference highlights for Day 2. As before, I’ve tried to post my account of each speaker’s session in their own words using favourite quotes and notable points.

I’ve decided to type more of my notes than I did yesterday so this is a rather long post. You have been warned.

For this reason Day 2′s highlights will come in two parts. I will finish the riveting Aggregators & Integrators session and also report on the very interesting Channel 4 Cross Platform Innovation session in a follow up post. Update: Here’s the follow up.



b.TWEEN08 Conference Highlights – Day 1 – 19th June

b.TWEEN 08 conference, Manchester, UK, 18-20 June

I didn’t get a chance to blog this yesterday, got in late after attending and presenting at the extremely interesting QuickFire event at Manchester’s Circle Club.

QuickFire is the b.TWEEN conference‘s take on Pecha Kucha presentations and you can find out more info about them here. You can also watch the videos from all the events at b.TWEEN on their YouTube page. The webcast is here.

I’ll put my slides up on Slideshare over the weekend. Follow today’s (and yesterday’s) events on Twitter by tracking the #btween and #btween08 Twitter hash tags using summize.com. You can also check out a pretty impressive preview here at Conference 2.0.

Now onto the Day 1 highlights…    (You can also check out Day 2′s highlights)



b.TWEEN08 conference, PUMA Manchester Exclusive Gig And More

b.TWEEN 08 conference, Manchester, UK, 18-20 JuneThings have been a bit quiet on the Real Fresh TV blog as I’ve been quite busy this week attending a couple of rather exciting events.

First was PUMA’s long awaited exclusive gig featuring grime maestros Hadouken! at Manchester’s MohoLive.

I met up with Nathan, winner of the 5 Day PUMA Manchester Giveaway online competition we ran for PUMA at the impressively well organized event and Nathan will be posting a gig review on the site shortly. You can see some pictures he took at last night’s gig on our Flickr page.



The Independent Says The Future Is Digital

The Independent Loves Digital

Last night I had the pleasure of hearing David Greene, Marketing and Circulation Director of leading UK paper, The Independent discuss the newspaper’s digital marketing strategy and its impact on the brand.

The event, organised by Manchester’s Creative Industry Development Service (CIDS), and chaired by Danny Meaney, Managing Director of nmp Ltd, took place in Manchester’s Museum of Science & Industry and also featured a presentation by Sean Singleton, Managing Director of Skive, creative digital agency for The Independent, Gillette, McDonalds, Reebok, BP, Motorola and quite a few others.

David’s talk was highly informative and provided an insight into the effect the digital revolution is having on press and other traditional forms of media in the UK.



Next Speaking Engagement: Marketing Tech Conference, London, March 31st

MarketingTech: Tailor Made Conference

We are pretty excited about this.

Real Fresh TV will be speaking at the forthcoming Marketing Tech: Tailor Made Conference in London’s Grange City Hotel on March 31st.

We will be presenting both morning and afternoon Digital and Online Masterclasses and will also be exhibiting in the Technology Showcase Zone.

Marketing are billing the event as:

“An essential personalised training day for Marketing Managers, Brand Managers and Online Marketing Managers looking to ensure they don’t miss out on the latest opportunities new media and technologies represent.”

The conference organisers have kindly offered a 15% discount to Real Fresh TV readers. Quote SPSHELENA when booking to receive the 15% discount.

Also speaking are:

Joanne Webb, Marketing Director, Disney Store Europe

Frances Dovey, Interactive & Emerging Media Manager, Cadbury Schweppes

Andy Mihalop, Director of Strategic Services, DoubleClick Performics

Carey Bunks, Head of Product & Technology Development, Yell.com

Barry Holloway, Marketing Director, uSwitch and UpMyStreet

Justin Moodie, Head of Ecommerce, HMV

and many more…

Follow the link below to book a place at the Marketing Tech: Tailor Made conference, 31st March, Grange City Hotel, London:

Book To Attend the Marketing Tech: Tailor Made conference

If you are interested in attending or are planning to attend, drop us a line or leave a comment below.

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PaidContent.org’s informal meet-and-greet in London tomorrow

We’re going down to meet the new media ‘entrepregenius’ that is Rafat Ali at PaidContent.org’s informal meet-and-greet in London tomorrow evening. Find out more about it and sign up to attend here.

It’s free…

Here’s a list of who else is going.

Leave a comment below if you’re planning on being there, would be neat to meet virtually first.

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