Real Fresh TV’s social training courses are recognised by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)

Attending Real Fresh TV’s training courses count towards achieving Chartered Practitioner status at the CIPR.

Each course contributes credits to the CIPR’s Chartered Continuous Professional Development (CPD) scheme.

How do you log CIPR CPD credits gained from attending our training?
Delegates can log credits gained from attending our courses on the CIPR’s online CPD system where they will be prompted to log in with their CIPR membership number.

Search for ‘RealFresh TV’ within the CPD activities database and select the training course you attended to log credits gained.

Does this apply to CIPR non-members?
The CIPR CPD credit scheme only applies to existing CIPR members or training delegates who intend to join the CIPR.

What is the CIPR’s Chartered Continuous Professional Development CPD scheme?
The CIPR’s Continuous Professional Development scheme is a practical way for CIPR members to increase their skills and knowledge whilst working to achieve Chartered Practitioner status.

Chartered Practitioner is a senior professional status that recognises and celebrates professional expertise. It is not only a benchmark for those working at a senior level, but a ‘gold standard’ to which all PR practitioners should strive to reach.