Get Your Music Video on YouTube’s Most Viewed List In A Week

PRSNewMusicStageThis is a bit of a social media experiment.

A few hours ago, I discovered that if you searched for ‘New Music Videos’ on, this humble website was the fifth search result returned.

That’s Real Fresh TV’s New Music Videos page, listed higher on Google than MTV UK, and Channel 4.

Go ahead and try it… hopefully nothing has changed.

Now that might not mean anything to you but it means a lot to me.

This blog may look like something an advertising agency threw together on whim but that has not always been the case.

As you can read here, Real Fresh TV started out in ‘music publishing’.

We used to be an Internet TV portal for new music from around Manchester, UK.

We made Europe’s first live music video podcast, the 3 Minute Gig and we discovered the Ting Tings.  Them of Apple iPod Ad fame and number 1 UK album.

OK, make that we filmed the Ting Tings way before they were famous.

Now… what do we do with this remarkable legacy in new UK music discovery…

We advise ad agencies on how to do cool internet marketing campaigns with blogs, podcasts, online communities and web videos.

It was the most sensible way of paying the bills.

Real Fresh TV ranking higher than Channel 4, MTV UK and the NME website for searches for ‘New Music Videos’ completely validates all the unpaid hard work that went into filming all those gigs two years ago.  And warms my heart.

Anyway… after picking my jaw up off the floor, I got thinking about how to use this new found notoriety for ‘New Music Videos’ for some good.

Upon finding out after glancing through our Site Meter logs, I tweeted a fellow Manchester blogger (and musician) MartinSFP about my findings, offering to promote his next music video.

He replied by pointing me to his most recent work on YouTube.  Which I watched and enjoyed.

This got me thinking.

What if I ran an experiment to see if we could get an unsigned band’s video to the most viewed list on YouTube, normally reserved for recording greats like Avril Lavigne and most of the Universal Music Group’s portfolio of artistes after reviewing them on here.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could use our Google Juice to propel an unsigned band into YouTube’s Hall of Internet Infamy.

I know this is sounding a bit overambitious but hey, anything worth doing is worth doing well.

And if it doesn’t work…  Well, I dunno… Whatever.  I have nothing to lose.

So here’s the plan.

I am offering a UK-based band the opportunity to get involved in this race for views.

Simply leave a comment here with a link to your video on YouTube.  If you have one.

At the end of 7 days, I will pick one video at random.  I will review this video and post it on the Real Fresh TV blog on the New Music Videos page.

What This Means
After allowing Google a little time to index the Real Fresh TV site, this band’s video and review will now be returned at the the fifth search result for ‘new music videos’ on  It will replace the snippet of a review for Vincent Van Go Go’s ‘Do You Know’ video currently showing.

What You Need To Do
Your job then is to

  • tell your friends that your music video is sitting pretty as the #5 search result for ‘New Music Videos’ on Above MTV UK, Channel 4 and!
  • ask your friends and fans to get more people to view your video

The whole point of this exercise is to significantly increase the number of views your video received before being reviewed on the Real Fresh TV website.

So, the heat is on.

Send me some links to some cool music videos on YouTube.

The music video must be by an unsigned or indie UK band.  Sorry to exclude the ‘rest of the world’ but this search experiment is being limited to

Videos with the slightest hint of pornography, racism or violence will be ignored.

If you have any comments or questions, fire away.  Be warned, however, music videos will receive more of my attention.

Photo Credit:  MCPS-PRS Alliance’s Flickr photostream

UPDATE August 2010:
This experiment ended quite a while ago.

I’d be happy to receive your comments but your time is probably best spent emailing your fans and inviting them to a gig you get paid for or inviting them to download your track off iTunes.  All the best.

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  • san diego funeral singer

    you tube became a billion dollar company over night when they were bought out by google.

  • Chi-chi Ekweozor

    @san diego funeral singer:


    Interesting comment. Have you got anything else to add?

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  • Charlese

    Original song written by Liverpool based Matthew Shaw

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  • AztroZeroFilms
  • Gibran

    Indie label, Street Legends are the artist.

  • ice
  • Charlese

    According to You Tube’s ‘insight’, and my own observation, just one of my videos has had more hits today that other videos that have reached the ‘Most Viewed Today’ list and yet my channel doesn’t appear in the list. Bottom of the list is 177, yet mine has had over 300. Can anyone explain why this is? Does anyone understand how it works?! (I am in the UK…anyone know when YouTube’s ‘day’ begins & ends?)

  • Charlese

    Just downloaded the stats this is the data:
    30/05/09 Total views 341 of which unique 290
    31/05/09 Total views 386 of which unique 328

    Does anyone know if it is just the unique views that count and when You Tube’s “Day” begins and ends?

  • Matt Anstee

    Aaron King – You Don’t Know What It Is

  • Sturdy

    It’s all about the jazz just give it a try.

  • Sturdy

    It’s all about the jazz let’s give this a try

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  • Robbie Baldwin
  • TJ

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    Band called Angora.


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  • Get Your Music Video on YouTube’s Most Viewed List In A Week

    cool videos everyone check this one out

  • Scott Moseley

    We’re not even from the UK but I’m pretty sure it would be awesome if you could help out a little band from Australia

    plus our clip is pretty awesome

  • Eastend Cabaret
  • Martyn Hedges

    It’s not my band, but made the vid.

    Terri monroe – stupid smile.

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    I know you said this has ended but i thought i would post this to get your opinion anyway, thanks