Live Blog – March Manchester Social Media Surgery 2012

Manchester Social Media Surgery logoThis is a live blog of the March 2012 Manchester Social Media Surgery that took place at MDDA offices, Portland Street, Manchester from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

If you were there and spot any omissions or additions, please shout out in the comments.

The theme for the March 2012 Social Media Surgery is:
‘Relaunching the Surgery as part of the Social Media Managers Association’

Social Media Surgeons:

Ian Pettigrew (@KingfisherCoach), Kingfisher Coaching, Surgery participant turned Chair!

Nicola Pike (@nicolapike on Twitter), Founder and Owner, @marketingspike

Carol Maughan (@mancsocialite), Web Content Developer,@DLA_Piper_NewsDLA Piper UK LLP

Chi-chi Ekweozor, (@realfreshtv), Director, social media consultancy, Real Fresh TV

Live blog by: Chi-chi Ekweozor

As has been mentioned in the Event page on Lanyrd, we will be starting with a brief social media surgery, answering questions on social media practice from attendees.  After this, we’ll be discussing next steps for the surgery, specifically relaunching as part of the Social Media Managers Association.

We kick off with talking about Twitter lists and using clients like Hootsuite to organise social media marketing activities.

The question is ‘how do I use‘?

Nicola mentions the translation options of Hootsuite and the use of the search function to track keywords and hashtags and lists.

Ian adds that when he follows someone he decides which Twitter list to add them to.

A key topic is managing the workload that social media brings in by investing the time in setting up tools like Hootsuite and Google Alerts.

‘It makes me look like I’m on there a lot when I’m not actually’, Nicola adds.

Tracking hashtags like #metrolink a fun way to spend an hour.

Tracking key words and tracking who follows you is also a key objective that requires a strategy.

Strategies like actively seeking to grow a Twitter following by identifying influencers like journalists, seeing who they follow works.

We talk about using tools like and socialmention to monitor keywords and track reputation.

Carol from DLA Piper who joins us clarifies the benefits of Twitter for B2B companies.  Campaigns can be very specific, for instance DLA Piper’s different departments have been able to reach very specific audiences.

We talk about how important it is to have a good business model to begin with – social media will not fix a bad business model.

Social media as a way of finding warm leads is one that is becoming unundated with spam messaging. It would seem that many more companies are using social media to market.  This has a knock-on effect of demanding a clear and cohesive marketing strategy to begin with.

Another question: how do you segment messaging to different members of your community?

Nicola answers this:

You need a social CRM system – something that has an understanding of the LinkedIn and Twitter handles of your customers.  It’s all about data, you need an audit trail that can be managed.

Salesforce is mentioned.  It is cloud-based and offers licensing to suit different sized organisations.

We move on to the future of the Surgery:

I kick off with saying that the Surgery is evolving into a platform for social media managers to discuss current interests: Pinterest, Facebook marketing strategies.

Ian talks about the value of the surgery.  Nicola talks about perhaps looking at a more national approach.

Big brands in Manchester and the North West: Kellogs, Moneysupermarket, Co-op, Cussons, these companies would be able to get a great networking environment that added value to their employees in terms of professional development.

Carol shares that a lot of networking for big corporates is London-based.  Something to attend to in Manchester would be useful.

Trying to get two different groups together: it would strengthen Manchester as a hub as the digital marketing communities are quite fragemented.

Giving a platform and a reason to connect with people: there’s a lot of really good people in Manchester who would like to be involved.

Get the people who are client side to be the lead – with their brands.  Don’t arrange it as on the agency side as this can be off putting.

Suggestions of venue: Bridgewater Hall, Cornerhouse.

To be continued

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