Mobile Twitter Guide – How To Use Twitter From Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Twitter Guide – How To Use Twitter From Your Mobile Phone

What can I say, I leave the country for a couple of weeks to attend my gran’s funeral in Nigeria and I return to find the UK taken over by tweetfiends Twitterholics!

Only kidding of course.

On a more serious note, Twitter is weaving its way into the US Congress, much like it is making its mark on UK parliament.

Lots to say and report on as far as Real Fresh social media projects is concerned but in the mean time, here’s a post I sent to Chinwag’s incredibly active WebTV list on how to set up your mobile phone to use Twitter a while back.

It appears quite a few (non-techie) people are flummoxed about how to set up mobile phones to enable Twittering on the go.

All this talk of helping online journalism students learn Twitter using the (nifty) #twask hashtag inspired me to dig this out from my inbox and post it on the web.

Hope it helps someone.  If you found it useful please tell me why in the comments!

Here we go….

Twittering from an iPhone

If you have an iPhone and have just started Twittering it’s worth checking out Tweetie, Twinkle and other iPhone Twitter apps.

They use your iPhone’s 3G or Wifi connection to connect to Twitter meaning you are not paying for SMS messages each time you send a message.

Tweetie – costs $2.99

Twinkle – free

Twittering from any mobile phone

You can use this guide to set up any mobile phone for tweeting (including iPhones if you don’t want to use apps like Tweetie or Twinkle).

For those wishing to receive direct messages (dms) and @replies from Twitter at no additional cost, Twe2 is a Twitter web service that lets you receive those Twitter messages as SMS messages for free.  They append ads to each message to keep it free.

Quick guide to using Twitter from your mobile

Update: The next two steps now reflects recent profile changes to Twitter user accounts (March 09 January 2010).

There are two steps:

Step 1: Setting up Twitter so you can use it from your mobile phone
Step 2: Setting up your Mobile Phone so you can Twitter from it

Step 1: Setting Up Twitter So You Can Use It from Your Mobile Phone

1.    Log into your Twitter account.  Click on the Home tab, first in the Menu across the top of your screen.
2.    Click on the Settings link in the menu above your Profile picture.  The Settings Page should show up with the ‘Account’ tab open showing your Twitter account information
3.    Click on the ‘Devices’ ‘Mobile’ tab from within the Settings Page
4.    Enter your Mobile Phone number in the box provided in this format ’447781488126′
5.    Tick the box that says “It’s okay for Twitter to send txt messages to my phone. Standard rates apply.”
6.    Click on ‘Save’
7.    You may get this message:
“Note: We currently don’t support sending SMSes to this number. You may still verify your phone and update Twitter, but we’ll never send you a message.”
8.    The next page verifies your mobile phone number.  Verify your number by sending a text (i.e. SMS message) with a code Twitter will display to the mobile phone number Twitter displays.
9.    Once verified you are set up to send tweets from your mobile phone.

That’s the end of step 1.

Twitter may not tell you when you have been successfully verified even though this happened almost immediately for me.  They did say “we’ll never send you a message” in point #7 above.   You’ll have to try tweeting from your phone to test whether you are verified… see step 2.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Mobile Phone So You Can Twitter From It

1.    Save the number you texted Twitter a code from in #8 above as ‘Twitter’ on your phone.
2.    When you fancy tweeting from your phone, send a text to that number. It shows up on your Twitter page.
3.    Try it!

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  • Danilo

    I couldn’t set up mine as there was no “‘Devices’ tab from within the Settings Page”
    Any other useful guide, pls?

  • Chi-chi Ekweozor

    Many thanks for sharing that! Checked it out, it’s a great guide. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

    Thanks for your comment. I’ve updated the post to reflect the fact that Devices is now called ‘Mobile’ within the Settings page.

    For another guide, check out the link posted by @boxinformatique above.

    Hope that helps.

  • Dory

    This is not working on my phone, and I can’t find it online anywhere because of the new setup of the Mobile page.IT wont work, I’ll text GO to 40404 But nothing happens, the page still just says Twitter is waiting for you to send your verification code. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Chi-chi Ekweozor


    Sorry to hear that.

    Check out the following Help pages on

    If all fails, contact Twitter! Can’t help you I’m afraid.

    Thanks for your comment.

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    Not working??!!! I followed and i enter my number it say that it need 11 dight number.

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