Presenting A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media at #smc_mcr

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

There has already been much discussion on the web about the incredible meeting of minds that was the first Social Media Cafe of the year last night at The Northern.  You can read Manchester Evening News blogger Sarah Hartley’s 5 takeaways at the Mancunian Way blog which includes links to videos.

The first in the unconference format, myself and all the other speakers were bowled over by the enthusiasm of all who attended.

I presented a well attended Beginner’s Guide to Social Media session, slides after the jump:

A Beginner's Guide to Social Media
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I have to admit I hadn’t expected to see attendees willing to stand as we ran out of seats.  I was really pleased to see everyone get involved in the informal question and answer format I had prepared for the talk with folk sharing what they knew about social media platforms like Upcoming, Technorati and delicious from the onset.

I attempted to create a Twitter account to demonstrate using the tool at the end but the venue’s wifi, already hammered by a plethora of social media enthusiasts blogging and Qik-videoing the event, couldn’t keep up.

In the end I demonstrated using Twitter to another attendee using the Real Fresh TV Twitter account after she very pointedly asked what it was.  I showed her how to tweet by asking folk to respond to a message and was bowled over by having two people respond straight away!

I really wish we can have the same event repeated in weeks to come as I would like to have attended some of the sessions that were on at the same time as mine: Tim Difford discussing whether “Social Media tools were the key to unlocking truly productive multi-location projects”  and Craig McGinty who looked at “Earning an income through your blog”.

Session Two saw David Bird discuss “Using Social Media in Learning” and  Julian Tait present “Are GPS enabled smartphones the future of social networking?” and both were very well attended from what I heard on Twitter.

After presenting my session, I sat in on Sam Eastery-Smith’s “Mashup Market” in Session Two where he presented a number of interesting Twitter, and Skype apps.

In between feverishly tweeting about his apps, I managed to make some notes on the more interesting ones.  He presented Gigometer, a gig finder mashup created using’s API.  It is a Mac Dashboard widget that presents gigs happening in your area based your postcode.

Myself and another attendee managed to talk him into creating a version that included information from indie and unsigned bands on MySpace and Martin Byrant (@MartinSFP) captured a video here.

The MySpace Mashup app will be like Gigometer one but will probably work on iPhones as well as Macs.

He also presented Billy Ruffian, an ‘independent music label’ that presents artists uploaded to the Internet Archive using RSS feeds.

As part of his work, Sam maintains the app at which grabs information about publicly funded projects in education for the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC).  It does so by scraping info from project websites, finds feeds and aggregates them together.

He also presented using swurl a FriendFeed-like lifestream aggregator to aggregate web content from sites like twitter and flickr, all along a visually appealing timeline.

All in all an amazing event and I for one can’t wait for the next one.

If you were at my session yesterday and would like to know more about Social Media, I run a training course that does just that.  The next one’s on 26th January and you can sign up here.

And please leave a comment about yesterday’s #smc_mcr!  Thank you!

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  • David Prior

    Thanks for your talk last night Chi-Chi – enjoyed it a lot and agree that last night’s format is definitely the way to go.

  • Kate

    Thanks a million Chi-Chi. I’m really hoping some of the other sessions can be repeated at some point too. Looks like everyone was a victim of their own success!!

  • Chi-chi Ekweozor

    @David Prior thanks for your comment. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the next #smc_mcr unconference pans out. Would you consider doing a talk? ;o) I think you should…

  • Chi-chi Ekweozor

    @Kate I agree about each being a victim of their success: it got incredibly convivial towards the end of each talk I witnessed to the extent that the listeners started discussing the presenter’s points amongst themselves!

    Yes, hope to see the other talks in future.

  • David Prior

    Ha ha!! Well I’m doing this dissertation on social media at the moment so we’ll see how that pans out. I’ll be sending out a survey over the next day or so as part of my research – I hope you’ll fill one out.

  • Chi-chi Ekweozor

    Not a problem David, happy to complete your survey. Send it over when you’re ready.

  • Screen Printing

    I am totally agree with you David.