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Social Media Monitoring Training

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Social media is no longer a fad.   Many recognise that with the ubiquity of broadband access speeds in excess of 2MB, consumers are now capable of sharing significant amounts of content with others online at little to no cost.

The ability to post video, images and text to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and social media platforms like blogs, Flickr and YouTube have enabled web users to become multi-media publishers in their own right.

Previously relegated to online message boards and forums, customer opinion on the quality of service an organisation offers is now routinely discussed on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, savvy businesses and organisations are also using social media marketing campaigns to engage with existing and potential customers and generate qualified leads.

All this leads to an explosion in the amount of content available online on any subject matter!  The quantity of social media content published each day means manual monitoring for brand reputation management is practically impossible.

Thankfully there is a solution.

Social media monitoring tools provide a way to automate tracking the social media landscape.

They allow organisations to determine how much return on investment they are receiving from social media marketing activity and help uncover what consumers really think about their products and services.

For those businesses that decide to monitor social media discussions about their brand, the rewards are plentiful.

By listening out for brand mentions, businesses can spot demand as it happens and service new customers at the point of their need.

Social media monitoring and online reputation management also empowers improved levels of customer service as companies can react to negative mentions about their brand and offer solutions before customer problems snowball into to a PR crisis.

The Social Media Monitoring Training Course is designed specifically for people who, now familiar with using social media, need to manage the time they spend on the various platforms effectively.

The course has been developed in response to requests for a training session on how to use free online tools to measure the success of a social media campaign and listen and respond to comments on Twitter, blogs and the wider web.

Similar to other intensive social media training courses delivered by Real Fresh TV, the course is carefully structured and designed to be completed within a morning session to give attendees the opportunity to attend to their core business in the afternoon.  Lunch and refreshments are provided.

The Social Media Monitoring Course is delivered in a small, intimate boardroom environment with no more than 14 attending ensuring you have one-to-one contact with the course leader.

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Know which free and paid for social media monitoring are best for monitoring social media mentions of your business or organisation
  • Know how to monitor social media conversations on blogs, Twitter and the wider web
  • Know how to use social media monitoring tools to respond to social media mentions of your business or organisation in a strategic way

The venue for the course is Manchester’s multi-million pound technology and enterprise centre, One Central Park, located just two miles from Manchester city centre.

The first course takes place on Tuesday 22nd June from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

Cost: £150+VAT, early bird: £120+VAT.

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