Social Media Usage Amongst FTSE 100 Companies: Company Profile – International power

This article forms part of a study on social media usage amongst FTSE 100 companies.

Each company in the FTSE 100 index was reviewed on its usage of such social media tools as RSS feeds*, blogs, online video, podcasts and social media platforms like Flickr and Facebook on its main website and on occasion, on websites of well-known subsidiary companies.

*RSS feeds are a simple way of delivering fresh versions of a website’s content to online readers automatically.

According to the Business Glossary:
“The FTSE 100 index comprises the 100 most highly capitalised blue chip companies on the London Stock Exchange, representing approximately 81% of the UK market.”

We will look at global electricity generators International Power (IPR.L) in this article .

FTSE 100 Company RSS Podcast Blog Online Video Audio Social Networking
International Power Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes