Future of Social Advertising: Determining the Value Exchange

Value Exchange

This is the second post in a series looking at the future of social advertising.

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The first post examined future trends in Social Advertising, postulating that going forward brand marketers would increasingly look to implementing social experiences offline around special interest groups which could then be promoted via ‘the social web’ using social media tools like blogs, online video and … Facebook groups.

This post examines the value exchange in the largely ‘free’ online environment of social media.


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The Future of Social Advertising: Social Media and Social Experiences

Social Networks

This is the first in a series of posts exploring the future of social advertising.

The explosive growth in social networking, especially amongst the highly sought after 16-35 demographic who are increasingly immune to overt advertising, is prompting widespread experimentation in ‘social network advertising’ campaigns.

Global brands like Microsoft, Toyota and Universal Pictures have teamed up with MySpace to deploying HyperTargeting Ads on the world’s largest social network whilst Coca-Cola, Sony Pictures, eBay and more have partnered with Facebook to deploy Social Ads on the world’s fastest growing social network.

Considering it’s less than a year since the notion of ‘social networking’ became mainstream, ‘social advertising’ is certainly this year’s breakout success.


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Facebook: Take a leaf out of Bebo’s book. It’s not all about Social Ads.


Marketing on social networks is less about Social Ad(vertising) and more about Engagement Marketing.

The former, a word play on ‘Social Ads’, is about targeting marketing messages to users on Facebook through the news feeds of their friends.

Engagement marketing, on the other hand, is about engaging a user with brand/marketing experiences that makes such an impression that they willingly share it with their friends.

This approach has been used successfully by global sports and fashion brands on the ‘other two’ social networks, Bebo and MySpace.

This post is a follow up to Saturday’s open letter to Facebook in which I suggested they considered introducing a monthly subscription option that offered users averse to sending and receiving Social Ads a way to opt out.

Disclosure: Real Fresh TV works with a number of online publishers to provide content owners a one stop digital distribution service for publishing multimedia content online. Our publisher partners include YouTube, Bebo, Brightcove, Veoh and Azureus.



On being platform-agnostic

Mult-platform content is increasingly sought after.

But why?

This is a test blog post. Future blog posts will explore this issue in more detail.

Stay tuned…

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