Social Media Starter Course Overview

Social Media Starter Course Overview

In these times of economic uncertainty, how do you stand out in a crowded marketplace?

Your competition is increasingly your customers themselves, empowered by social media platforms like blogs, micro-blogging tools like Twitter and profiles on social networking and video sharing sites.

They are staying connected with each other for longer online, and increasingly via the mobile web using smartphones like the iPhone, creating and consuming information about products and services in a virtuous circle of digital word of mouth.

It is time to admit the inevitable.



Putting On A Social Media Starter Course

SocialMediaStarterCourseI’m putting together our first Social Media Starter course.

The idea is to provide a practical forum for people to learn how to get started in social media.

It’s a two hour interactive seminar/workshop, packed full of insights into creating and executing social media and content marketing campaigns that work on the web.

Keeping with the classroom theme, I’m deliberately keeping it small with attendance limited to only 20 places.



Real Fresh TV Partners with PUMA On A Social Media Search To Find Manchester’s Most Promising Band


Real Fresh TV is excited to announce it has partnered with leading sportswear fashion brand PUMA to find Manchester’s most promising band.

Barely weeks after opening the third ‘new concept’ PUMA store in the UK in Manchester’s Arndale shopping centre, PUMA is sponsoring a band search competition to find Manchester’s most promising musical talent.



5 Social Media Tips For Busy Marketing Executives

Social Media

With the exploding interest in social media at the moment, it’s enough to make a busy marketing type run for cover. Blogs, web 2.0, Facebook, where does one begin?

This blog post covers some essential reading material for busy marketing executives too busy to do social media. Amongst the tips I link to interesting articles on effective social media marketing.



Social Media Giants YouTube and Wikipedia crack list of Top 10 UK Online Brands

Social media brands YouTube and Wikipedia have entered Nielsen Online’s list of the top 10 most popular internet brands in the UK, at the expense of Real and AOL.


Here’s the two page report from Nielsen Online which also reports that Facebook accounts for the two of the fastest growing online brands in the UK: RockYou! and Slide.

RockYou! and Slide are heavily used by Facebookers – particularly 18-24 year old women – to organise photo slideshows, according to Nielsen Online.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

YouTube is now the UK’s fourth most popular commercial media brand.

According to Nielsen Online, its audience has grown 84% over the last year to almost 10 million unique users – almost one in every three UK users online use YouTube.

There is also a strong performance from Facebook which has grown a massive 1,647%, from less than half a million UK users to almost eight million, in just 12 months.



Marketing By Engagement

Engagement Marketing is a term often used by online marketers to describe the process of promoting a product or service on a social network.

But what does it mean?

I’d personally prefer to ‘market by engagement’.


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