What Manchester Did on Social Media Day aka #smdaymcr

Manchester Mashable Meetup Social Media Day

This is just a quick round up of what happened at the excellent event that was the inaugral Social Media Day Manchester.  For a quick post-event update, please see my blog post over on the 7 Wonders in 7 Days blog.

Organised in less than ten days by Nigel Collier, MD of digital studio, Skylab and his incredible team, the event was one of 600+ grassroots events organised by people around the world to celebrate the inaugural Social Media Day on 30 June.

Social Media Day as a concept was put forward by social media news pioneer, Mashable, earlier this year and each of the 600+ events that happened worldwide took place under its Mashable Meetup umbrella.

Manchester’s event stood out in several ways compared to similar meetups taking place around the globe.

From the cosy environs of the Living Room on Deansgate, we had live links with Portugal and Sacramento, California, US and heard a number of case studies of how businesses are using social media in the region.

We also had a fantastic sponsor in Melbourne Hosting who provided each guest with one free drink.   And then there was the prize draw at the end, with some lucky folk walking away with goodies that ranged from cloud server hosting from Melbourne, free tickets to Manchester Airport‘s newest lounge in Terminal 1, 100GB worth of Media Tank live streaming technology from Sklyab and customised event t-shirts!

The live links to Portugal and the US were the highlights of the event for me, illustrating how far social media has come in such a short space of time.   It really felt like the early days of witnessing satellite links on news reports: a very “Wow, we can see them and they can see us!” moment.

Here’s a short video of the link up with Portugal filmed on my Nokia 86 phone.

Speakers included John Greenway (responsible for @manairport) from Manchester Airport who shared how the airport is using Twitter and Facebook to engage with customers, Martine Alexander, @YourStylist, part of a ‘two woman powerhouse’ who is using social media very effectively to promote her personal stylist business and Dominic ‘The Hodge‘ Hodgson @TheHodge who shared how companies have used Twitter for all sorts: from giving away free stuff and sparking lawsuits!

I also filmed Martine’s talk and will be using it as a reference in my future social media training courses, it was that good!  She had some excellent tips for companies considering how to make the most use of Twitter.  Here it comes:

The event also included a mini-social media surgery in which I quizzed Rick Guttridge, MD of Manchester PR agency, Smoking Gun PR on how social media was used on a client project for Panda Licorice, the healthy sweet brand.

I got the impression that the 60+ people that attended had a fantastic time with people travelling from as far afield as Newcastle and Leeds to join us.  I may have got the numbers wrong, if I did, please correct me in the comments!

At the event I took the opportunity to announce the launch of the next phase of Real Fresh TV’s social media for social good project, 7 Wonders in 7 Days.

The highly anticipated Travel Companion Competitions through which 7 lucky people each win a 3 day holiday to one of the new 7 wonders of the world were announced on Wednesday and it was great to get people’s feedback on the idea.

Here come my slides from the event:

A touching blog post about it the next day by someone who came to the event affirmed my decision to use such a big platform to launch this big bold new phase of the project.

There’s a lot more to announce in the works… stay tuned!

Were you at the Manchester Mashable Meetup?  Was it good for you?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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